RailcarRx Repair Shop Management System

RailcarRx specializes in working with different types of repair shops and organizations in the rail industry. We have extensive knowledge and experience working with repair shops, running repair agencies and mobile units and integrating equipment asset management systems that utilize data from Railinc and other service providers. RailcarRx Repair Shop Management System is the railcar IT software solution that goes much further than Car Repair Billing, including capabilities to track your railcars, materials, labor and more. RailcarRx Repair Management System is a cloud-based solution with role-based security, which means your data is securely stored in the cloud, allowing you the freedom to input data and information from virtually any device, including tablets, laptops and smartphones.

Contract Repair Shops

Manage the complete railcar repair process, configure the system for your business operations, provide visibility and optimize throughput

Running Repair Agents

Increase overall efficiency with one system, easily manage repair and invoicing process, generating detailed reports for internal metrics

Mobile Repair Shops

Easily load equipment and automatically create billing repair cards, streamline the repair process, and increase efficiency

Railroad Repair Shops

Minimize risk, increase efficiency, and provide key metrics of the repair operations

Our system includes everything needed to run operations profitably and optimize throughput.

It’s designed to improve the ROI of your facility by focusing on the following areas:

Generating and managing 500-byte files for estimates and invoices in various industry formats

Improving management of materials and labor

Providing real-time insight into workflow progression

Increasing throughput via capacity planning and scheduling

Revenue cycle management

Working with key data feeds such as Equipment Health Management System (EHMS), Umler™ and Early Warning (EW)

Accelerating cash flow through complete delivery of the Electronic Car File

Employee tracking and security management

Increasing efficiency in workflow

We are committed to your success.

Continuous and excellent customer service

 Migrating data and integrating our system to your existing business processes seamlessly

 Responsive assistance and support on training your staff transfer to the new system smoothly

 Ongoing maintenance and improvement on the product and system

 Providing custom applications and solutions to client specifications

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