RailcarRx Repair Shop Management System

a comprehensive yet simplified railcar repair management solution

System Integration

 Push and pull information to and from accounting systems, ERP’s, and time management software so that you can seamlessly use each system

 Receiving key data feeds such as Equipment Health Management System (EHMS), Umler, Early Warning (EW), Damaged Defective Car Tracking (DDCT) and other key Railinc systems to RailcarRx management system

Configurable Work Flow

Configurable work flow so that the system will cater to your business needs without interrupting your current system flow

 Dashboard metrics so that you can see current car status, manage capacity, track your efficiency throughout your repair process and make improvements with your team

Ongoing Customer Support

Having issues?

Want to customize?

 We cater our platform to your business process and make sure it continues to work properly so that you aren’t stuck with a system that doesn’t work for you

Our Popular Features

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Electronic Car File

⇒ Easily pull up car history in one place, (including uploaded documents and pictures) so that you can share via email or the customer portal without shuffling through papers and files. The electric car file also provides quick access to documents for auditing on FRA inspection purposes.

Adjustable Batch Billing and Invoicing

⇒ Add and modify cars in bulk with only a few clicks which will save you time and money by eliminating the need to manually change or add each car one-by-one

⇒ Create batches by customer, edit batch invoices and re-generate invoices with a click of a button

 Save time by modifying invoices in bulk without re-creating an entirely new invoice and be able to see the cars associated with it

⇒ Bulk change lines in estimates and update bulk invoices in two steps so that you can save time from manually re-creating new invoices

Billing Exception Management

Manage and create CRBDX files across multiple shop locations, document and track billing exceptions, create counter bills, and apply credits to future CRBDX invoices

 Allow users to mail their customers directly from the system to respond to exceptions so they can track responses from one system

Indefinite Record Changes

⇒ Access versions of estimates, BRC’s, invoices and track any piece of equipment that’s been in the shop at any point of time so that you can reference the repair documentation in the future

⇒ Each document is stored in the cloud so you can easily access the information from any device

First in first out or last in last out Inventory Management

⇒ Easily create and edit PO’s to accurately track inventory and real costs so that you know exactly what you have, what you need and what you will be paid

Work Center Dwell Time

 Provide users the ability to setup custom work centers and configure expected dwell times for each

Allow for shop managers to measure how efficient each work center is at meeting its throughput goals

Provide insight into bottlenecks in the shop that may be causing the slowdown of equipment velocity through the shop

Help determine where problems may be occurring in the repair process and assist the shop manager or owner to further streamline their repair process

Customer Portal

 Provide a web-based communication platform between the shop and the car owner. The shop can provide equipment status updates seamlessly to the customer as well as estimates, invoices, and other important information such as pictures of equipment damage. The customer may also share documents through the portal for the shop, such as shopping instructions.

   An essential tool for sending and receiving data to the car owner in real time: customers can always know exactly where their equipment is in the repair process cutting down back and forth email and phone communication

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