A system beyond railcar repair billing for railroads

RailcarRx Repair Management System has the capabilities to manage the repair process for railroads performing both running repairs and contract repairs. The railroad repair shop can generate railcar repair billing in CRBDX format and submit it to Railinc directly from the system.  Industry equipment alerts and advisories are also available within the system allowing for easy closure of repairs related to them.

As a solution, RailcarRx Repair Management System helps manage the complete repair process from adding equipment, recording inspections, and creating repair cards.  The system also possesses full inventory management capabilities to manage the ordering and allocation of materials.

A powerful and user-friendly repair billing system

RailcarRx allows you to manage the complexities of pricing by letting you utilize the AAR Price Master.

 Along with the standard 500 byte file format, RailcarRx offers a variety of other invoice formats.

 You can add and modify cars in bulk with only a few clicks which will save you time and money by eliminating the need to manually change or add each car one-by-one.

Our system makes it so easy for you to create and send CRBDX files.

A railcar repair throughput management platform

♦ RailcarRx is the most advanced railcar repair shop management solution developed by railcar repair industry experts with input from industry leaders. RailcarRx Repair Shop has everything you need to run your operation profitably and optimize throughput.

♦ RailcarRx enables railroads to manage their entire railcar repair process. Our cloud-enabled system allows users to login from anywhere to manage the repair process, access key equipment health information, and automate invoicing.

RailcarRx is built by rail industry experts and seasoned IT providers.

Custom Development

RailcarRx can help your organization by providing its services and knowledge to build a completely customized rail application to your business requirements.

Data Integration

We have extensive knowledge of building and integrating equipment asset management systems that utilize data from Railinc and other service providers.

Seamless Solution

Leveraging our team of industry specialists and developers, we can quickly scope a project and build a solution which is seamless to your existing operation system and tailored to your needs.

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