RailcarRx Synchs TTX Repair Billing

RailcarRx announced that its Repair Shop Management System now supports the TTX SEI billing format, to assist repair shops in performing billing on TTX pooled equipment.

TTX, North America’s leading railcar pooling company, has unique billing requirements for railcar repair billing, which includes variations to the standard CRB (car repair billing) format.

RailcarRx, the IT solution provider based in Irving, Texas, has streamlined the process of creating repair cards for TTX pooled equipment by allowing repair shops to bulk update required data and generate a split CRB automatically. This functionality eliminates the need to manually manipulate data on 500-byte files, which can lead to errors when submitting to TTX.

Repair shops that enter bills on the TTX SEI Portal can now utilize RailcarRx to create and manage repairs rather than perform double entry of data between systems.

“Pool billing has been a challenge for many repair shops,” said Josh Lippy, Senior Director of Business Development at RailcarRx, “and these enhancements are helping our customers to bill faster and more efficiently to TTX.”

To see this article on RailwayAge.


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