RailcarRx Insight

Reduce Costs of Railcar Maintenance and Repair

RailcarRx’s Insight™ is a software solution that works, in addition to existing fleet management systems, to help rail car owners reduce railcar maintenance and repair costs. It was developed to help car owners mitigate risks associated with their equipment and plan important repairs. With RailcarRx Insight™, car owners can now obtain a bird’s eye view of their fleet, access industry data, monitor equipment health, and assess risk based on a configurable rules engine. Additionally, car owners can also identify railcar repair shops within their repair network and make shopping decisions all through one single platform.

Make Proactive Maintenance Plans

Configured Risk Rules Engine 


Insight integrates real-time industry data from Railinc and other service providers including current equipment health, alerts and status data.  It also builds asset management system based on your pre-set rules and graphically presents a dynamic risk factor for you to make proactive repair and shopping decisions.

Monitor Fleet Health

Railcar Information Digest


The RID (Railcar Information Digest) provides real-time data against the user-configured Risk Rules Engine to determine the probability of equipment being repaired outside a Contract Repair Shop.

Reports with key industry data regarding “high risk” equipment can be downloaded anytime.

Control Maintenance Costs

Lower Equipment Downtime

Cost Comparison Report


The cost comparison report allows you to analyze cost to repair equipment in a Contract Repair Shop against industry cost of repairs by a Railroad. It also provides you the cost comparison between different Contract Repair Shops.

Make Smart Shopping Decisions

Streamlined Shopping Process


Our system displays equipment to be repaired and analyzes health data and proximity to a shop.

It provides a platform to communicate with the repair shop, receive status updates and invoices from the shop directly to you for review and approval.

Insight tracks your railcars in the visualized and precise way


Popular Features

♦  Comprehensive view of assets

♦  Track equipment based on pre-defined parameters

♦  Monitor asset health based on near real-time industry data

♦  User defined risk thresholds

♦  Identify and monitor assets in high risk spectrum

♦ Make actionable repair decisions to mitigate risks

♦  Integrated shopping process

♦  Data analysis

♦  Seamless integration with RailcarRx-Repair Shop Management for billing

♦  Flexible solution-build as you need