RailcarRx CRB System is a cloud-based car repair billing platform designed to serve the needs of railroads. An end to end solution that enables railroads to better protect their track asset,  stay informed of rail cars arriving at the interchange, identify and repair high-risk rolling stock and bill car owners all through one single platform.

As a cloud-based solution, our system securely stores your data and allows you the freedom to input data and information from any device, including tablets, laptops and smartphones.

A Smart and Quick Railcar Repair Billing System

The RailcarRx CRB System allows you to manage the complexities of pricing by automatically loading the current AAR Price Master for faster billing.

 Along with the standard CRBDX 500-byte file format, RailcarRx CRB offers a variety of other invoice formats.

 You can add and modify cars in bulk with only a couple of clicks which will save you time and money by eliminating the need to manually change or add each car one-by-one.

 RailcarRx CRB makes it so easy and quick for you to create and send CRBDX files to the car owners.

Advance Consist Files Import

You can upload the consist files to the system and organize the railcar information in the most efficient way. The RailcarRx CRB System makes it so easy to integrate the railcar identification, alerts and repair information with one single platform.

Key Industry Data Integration

The RailcarRx CRB System connects with Railinc System integrating key data feeds such as Equipment Health Management System (EHMS), Umler and Early Warning (EW) so you can stay ahead of the curve in identifying high-risk equipment and planning repairs.

Streamlined Billing Management

RailcarRx CRB System streamlines the billing process by helping you manage and organize invoices based on repairs and car owners. It improves your overall work efficiency by saving you time and reducing invoice errors.

Insightful Reporting Tools

RailcarRx CRB System reporting tools provide the valuable insights to help you manage the car repair billing process and electronic car files.

Reports and dashboards are configurable to match your key business indicators.

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