With over 1000 employees deployed to client projects worldwide, PRIMUS Global Services supports its business unit RailcarRx™ to offer clients excellent IT services across a range of technologies and project initiatives.

Our software development experience in providing the rail industry with leading management packaged software solutions, combined with a solid background in developing custom solutions for clients directly means that we have a broad range of seasoned consulting resources and pre-developed reusable software components on-staff, and at-hand.  Leveraging our team helps our clients control overall project development costs, reduce risk and accelerate project development timelines.

RailcarRx Custom Development

Our Projects in Rail Industry

Integration Project Support

Legacy application migration, data warehousing and management involving data from SAP, Oracle, and Railinc

Data Exchange Interfaces

Price Master, Car hire data, AAR 500 byte BRC formats, SIMS, TTX, Oracle Applications/Financials, SAP

Asset Management Systems

Track mechanical data, shopping instructions, repair history, mileage history and compliance

Lease Management Systems

Track rates, renewals, termination and reassignment, sub leases and repair billing

Experience does matter

Integrating data into your internal processes can be a challenge when it requires understanding different data feeds and how they should be utilized. RailcarRx has experience working with key industry data providers, including Railinc, to set up, test, and integrate live data from its many systems. Working with equipment owners and repair shops has taught us the best way to work with this data and how to quickly and effectively map it to your internal systems.

Leveraging RailcarRx to help you receive data will greatly decrease the time it will take to set up and test integration to systems such as EHMS, UmlerTM, and DDCT, to name a few. We understand the complexities of setting up web services to receive this data. Utilizing RailcarRx will not only save you time, but will save you money, because you can eliminate the learning curve required by internal resources to understand the information and map it to your business processes. RailcarRx understands this data and can easily map it to your existing business processes.

RailcarRx Possesses Experience With

Equipment Health Management System (EHMS)

Damaged Defective Car Tracking (DDCT)

Early Warning (EW)


Component Registry (CR)

Car Repair Billing Data Exchange (CRBDX)



Industry Reference Files

AAR Price Master


 ERP & Accounting Systems

Our Perspectives

The Rail Industry is gathering actionable data at an unprecedented rate.  As an example, consider the evolution of Positive Train Control systems that leverage devices and systems across a diverse network (truly a functioning Internet of Things (IoT)).  PTC not only generates real-time data, but ultimately, this information is stored as valuable historical data enabling better insights and more informed business decisions for the future.

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